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This page informs you regarding student eligibility and categories as well as school categories and divisions for competition.


Number of participants:


Each school may bring up to 16 students. No observers may attend.  Participant fee is $70.00 per student.


Number of alternates:


Each school may list up to 16 alternates from which they must choose should they need one. Student alternates not used as delegates may NOT attend the conference as the FSSC does not permit observers.




The FSSC requires that all participants and alternates complete a Student Questionnaire. It is imperative that for the spirit of fair competition, the questionnaire be completed honestly. The student’s teacher is to proofread and sign each student questionnaire form before mailing them in with the registration packet.




Students must meet the standards set by Florida Statutes for Interscholastic Competition. They are required to have a 2.0 G.P.A. for the grading period preceding the competition. They must also have passed 5 of 6 or 5 of 7 classes. If the status changes, an eligible alternate must be substituted from your alternate list.




Student participants will be divided into four categories as follows:


  • (A) Students who have ONLY learned Spanish exclusively in the classroom.


  • (B) Students with limited outside experience at home or in a Spanish-speaking environment.


  • (C) Students with extensive outside experience at home or in a Spanish-speaking environment.


  • (D) Students reared and educated in a Spanish-speaking environment.

  • Only high school students in levels 1- AP Literature (6) are allowed to compete. Students must be/have been (4 by 4 schools or the like) enrolled in a Spanish class this year. They will be registered according to the years of Spanish studied. There is no AP category. AP Language is considered five years and AP Literature is considered six years. All students coming to the conference must participate in at least one of the three academic areas of competition: impromptu (required of all participants), declamation, and dramatic presentation.




There will be two divisions in the competition with equivalent trophies awarded for each division. The maximum number of delegates representing any one school is sixteen. The divisions are:


  • Division I: In this division no more than 70% of delegates must be in Category A; maximum of 30% of delegates in categories B, C, and D.


View / Download Chart:

  • Division II: This division includes schools with more than 30% of delegates in categories B, C, and D.

School Category:

School Category:  1A   2A   3A   4A   5A   6A   7A    8A    9A


School categories 1A – 9A are determined according to the FHSAA designation for boys basketball.  These designations are according to student population.  Click FHSAA to find your school listing

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