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There must be one school sponsor for the first ten students (or fraction thereof).


The FSSC registration fee for teacher sponsors and faculty chaperones is $70.00.  Non-faculty chaperone $80.00.  See JOIN US page for payment.


Additionally, The Florida Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (FAATSP) directly promotes the Florida State Spanish Conference, therefore each sponsor and teacher sending their students to participate must be a member. Teachers who send students, REGARDLESS of their own attendance to FSSC, MUST pay the FAATSP Points Room fee. This fee covers Point Room needs and contributes to the Senior Exam Scholarship Fund.


Points Room fee:

$15 for ALL teachers whose students are participating in the competition.


The deadline for FAATSP Points Room fees is February 1st of the given year. The fees must be paid by this date in order for your school to participate. Print and mail form and fee to AATSP Florida Chapter Treasurer. Make checks payable to FAATSP or pay using the PAY NOW button.


Please be advised that FAATSP fees are not the same as FFLA dues.




Please advise all non-school board employees to sign in as a school volunteer before leaving for the conference.


FSSC registration fee for faculty chaperones is $60.00 and for non-faculty chaperone is $70.00.  See JOIN US page for payment options

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